Peyzaj Yüksek Mimarı
MSc Landscape Architect

Seda Kurt Sengun is a Landscape Architect (MSc) and Co-founder PARCH.

She graduated from Istanbul Technical University Faculty of Architecture, Landscape Architecture Department at 2008 and completed master of science degree at 2014 in Istanbul Technical University, Architectural Design Programme under the supervision of Assoc.Prof.Dr. Huseyin Kahvecioglu with the dissertation entitled; ‘LANDSCAPE OF LOST SPACES‘ that focused on heterotopia, non-place, the third landscape, terrain vague and photography. During this period she has been at the École Nationale Supérieure d'Architecture de Lyon as a visiting researcher (2013). In 2014, she has been a part of 2nd Istanbul Design Biennial with the project KADIKOY TREE WALK which is a guided tour that introduces tree species and tree spaces in urban dense. She has been invited by Arkitera for the talk ‘Landscape of Lost Spaces‘ under the theme of ‘What’s Next’ at the international conference ARKIMEET 2014, Istanbul. She has been participated to International Conference Arch & Lit: Inter-Arts Dialogue(s) at Lisbon Nouva University Faculty of Arts and Humanities with the research ‘Visual Literacy of Lost Spaces Through Photography’ in Portugal (2014). She has worked with Deniz Aslan at Istanbul for a year as a landscape architect, based on a project in the scope of Mediterranean landscape (2016). She has been invited by Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Design and History Atelier as an instructor for the workshop ‘DETACHED AND DIFFUSED LANDSCAPES’ (2016). Between the years 2007 and 2015, she has been in collaborations and took national project awards. In 2017, she co-founded PARCH, which is an architecture and landscape design practise based in Istanbul and primarily working on design, research and publishing mostly on landscape/architecture interface issues. In 2018, PARCH has awarded with two different national equivalent project prizes. Same year, she has invited as a member of principal jury committee of Chamber of Turkish Landscape Architects (CTLA) for the 10th National Landscape Architecture Professional Awards with the categories of realised/unrealised project and young landscape architect awards. Besides her practise, she is a part-time studio instructor at MEF University Faculty of Arts, Design and Architecture.


2018 Jury Committee Member of the 10th Landscape Architecture Professional Awards, CTLA (Chamber of Turkish Landscape Architects)
2008 Chamber of Turkish Landscape Architects Membership
02.2013-08.2013 Visiting Researcher, École Nationale Supérieure d'Architecture de Lyon, France
08.2007 BAUHAUS University Concrete Design Masterclass Education, Dessau - Berlin, Germany


2018 Equal Prize, Luleburgaz Tosbağa Creek Urban Design Competition, Municipality of Luleburgaz
2018 Equal Prize, 'Far From the City' Architectural Design Competition , Turk YTONG
2015 1st Prize as an author of landscape design project, Düzce University Urban Design Competition, Duzce University
2007 Equal Prize as a team member, 'SOS' Alternative for AKM Competition
2007 3rd Mension as a team member, Konyaaltı as a team memberNature & Culture Park Competition, Antalya Municipality
2006 3rd Prize as a team member, Plastic & Opacity Concrete Design Competition
2005 3rd Prize as a team member, Çuhadaoğlu Alu’05 Competition