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For internships, applicants will be preferred interested in a period of at least two months. Please send us a detailed CV along with an extract of your portfolio - in PDF format less than 5MB - as well as prospective dates for the beginning and end of the internship.

BÜRO SEDA KURT ŞENGÜN is Istanbul based landscape architecture practice. When the bureau was opened as a registered practice by UCTEA, CTLA TR, the global epidemic has started. Over a period of one and a half year from the beginning, some collaborations were awarded, conceptual and construction documentation of some projects were completed. BÜRO has founded by licensed landscape architect and a design studio tutor Seda Kurt Şengün, mainly works on close relations with nature and architecture between the city and garden scale.


Seda Kurt Şengün is a landscape architect (2008 BLArch ITU, 2014 MSc Arch ITU),
founder at BÜRO SEDA KURT ŞENGÜN (2020) and co-founder at PARCH (2017). She has a dissertation under the supervision of Prof.Dr. Hüseyin Kahvecioğlu at ITU Graduation School of Architecture, entitled with ‘Landscape of Lost Spaces‘ that focuses on heterotopia, non-place, the third landscape, terrain vague and photography (2011-2014). During the period she has been at ENSA Lyon as a guest scientific in France (2013). Her articles about landscape culture and nature published on architectural publications in Turkey. She has many national project awards and independent researches which has been accepted by international scientific committees; Lisbon Nouva University International Conference Arch & Lit Portugal (2014), EURAU Spain (2018), IFLA World Common Ground Norway (2019), IFLA Europe 7th Landscape Architects Congress Turkey (2019). Besides, she has been invited at 2018 as a member of principal jury committee of the UCTEA Chamber of Landscape Architects Turkey for the 10th National Landscape Architecture Professional Awards. Seda continues both professional practise and academy in Istanbul, at the moment she is a Visiting Professor in Architectural Design Studio at Istanbul Bilgi University.

2020 Visiting Professor at 2nd year Architectural Design Studio, ISTANBUL BILGI UNIVERSITY
2020 February, Founder at BÜRO SEDA KURT ŞENGÜN
2020 February, Registered Landscape Architect with her own practice by CTLA
2019 Visiting Professor at 1st year Architectural Design Studio, MEF UNIVERSITY
2018 Jury Committee Member of the 10th National Landscape Architecture Professional Awards, CTLA
2017 Co-Founder at PARCH
2014 Graduated from School of Architecture Architectural Design MSc Degree, ITU, Istanbul Turkey
2013 Spring and Summer, Séjour scientifique pour de master sur les espaces en friches. Laboratoire d’Analyse des Formes ENSA Lyon, France.
2008 Membership of CTLA as a Landscape Architect
2008 Graduated from School of Architecture Landscape Architecture, ITU, Istanbul Turkey
2007 August, Participated as an honoured student to BAUHAUS University Concrete Design Masterclass Education, Dessau - Berlin, Germany https://bureaubakker.com/portfolio/plasticopacity/

Selected Professional Awards

2021 Short-Listed Design Team as PARCH. Salgınlar ve Sağlık Emekçilerini Anma Mekanı Tasarım Yarışması, ISTANBUL METROPOLITAN MUNICIPALITY, TR.

2021 2nd Prize with YALIN MİMARLIK. Toprak Kule. Karapınar GES SCADA Headquarters Competition by KALYON CONSTRUCTION, TR.

2020 2nd Mension Prize as PARCH, Bridges, Cranes, Trees, Birds: Haliç Waterfront Design(6th Region) Competition by ISTANBUL METROPOLITAN MUNICIPALITY, TR.

2020 3RD Mension Prize with YALIN MİMARLIK, Erenköy Psychiatric Hospital Architectural Competition, MINISTRY OF HEALTH, TR.

2020 Equivalent Mension Prize as PARCH. Harvest School. Structure Design Competition Professional Category by CEMENT INDUSTRY EMPLOYERS’ ASSOCIATION (CEIS) TR.

2020 Short-Listed Design Team as PARCH. Haliç Waterfront Design Projects Competition, ISTANBUL METROPOLITAN MUNICIPALITY, TR.

2018 Equivalent Prize as PARCH. Trees, Gardens, Bridges, Hives: An Earth Module: Tosbağa Creek Urban Design Competition by LULEBURGAZ MUNICIPALITY, TR.

2018 Equivalent Prize as PARCH. Sinema C. Far From the City Architectural Design Competition by YTONG, TR.

2015 1st Prize with ATÖLYE 70 Düzce University Urban Design Competition by DUZCE UNIVERSITY RECTORATE, TR.