Shortlisted Project 1ST PRIZE / 1. ÖDÜL
Production & Agriculture & Research Fields & Gardens + WildLife Conversation

+ Düzce TR + 168 ha
+ 2015 + Completed Project + Please swipe left for images.
+ Owner Düzce Üniversitesi Rektörlüğü Düzce University Rectorate
+ Collaboration + Doğu Kaptan Atelye 70
+ Collaborators + Anne-Lise Noyerie, Oya Tabanoğlu

It is seen that Konuralp Campus, which is established on an area of ​​168 hectares with 289 different natural and exotic plant species, has a legible natural existence with its obvious topographical differences and forest presence. Based on these geographical references, the campus was mainly evaluated with 3 main titles, and the social center areas and campus arteries were planned according to urban planning knowledge. The use of topography has been tectonically designed, and existing flora and fauna data of the region have been used for landscape architecture design process, both for campus users as well as the visitors, together with the activityprogramme. The main design criteria that determine the themes are to ensure that the natural resources in the geography are preserved and sustainable, the emphasis on the existing vegetation and technology of the agricultural knowledge is widespread, and academic research can be carried out.

The themes should be considered as two separate layers covering the topography as tectonic structure and floristic cover.

Theme 1. Fields of Education and Practice
Theme 2. Flora & Fauna Observation Valley and Botanical Garden
Theme 3. Forest & Wildlife Reservation and Outdoor Sports Track
+Tree species were selected according to arterial architectural ergonomics and social, climatic criteria.

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Fields of education and practise,
behave like open laboratory designed between Agriculture and Science Faculties.